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      At Harley Miller, your legal needs will be handled by a qualified teams of experts who specialize in that area.

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      We provide quality legal services to our clients in a prompt and timely manner at a reasonable cost.

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      With the motto of building trust from customers, HMLF creates trust in customers and gives us the strength to complete the set goals.

Harley Miller

HARLEY MILLER LAW FIRM “HMLF” is licensed to provide corporate legal services in a wide range of practice areas to both local and international clients with more than 70 years of experience including Consultancy and Litigation in Court.

Our aim is to safeguard the interests of foreigners living and conducting business in Vietnam. Our proficiency extends beyond legal knowledge and experience to include mastery of both the local language and English. This dual proficiency enables us to provide the necessary support while ensuring legal compliance.

HMLF is recognized for its legal expertise, attention to detail, and dedication to providing quality legal advice to our clients. We believe our services will best support and minimize our clients’ legal risks.

Furthermore, we have established a network of professional relationships to enhance client outcomes.