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  • Merger&Acquitions

    HMLF offers legal services for Mergers and Acquisitions:

    1. Identifying the target company
    2. Representing and facilitating negotiations
    3. Performing legal and financial due diligence
    4. Restructuring the company
    5. Providing advice on IPOs and issuing bonds or stocks

  • Tax

    HMLF provides legal assistance with various aspects of tax compliance, including:

    1. Tax planning and filing tax returns
    2. Guidance on tax incentives and tax optimization
    3. Building the Structure of Tax Transactions

  • Intellectual

    HMLF offers a variety of legal services, which include:

    1. Registering Trademarks, Patents, and Industrial Designs.
    2. Registering Copyrights.
    3. Handling IP infringements and resolving legal disputes.

  • Aviation

    As the demand for air travel continues to rise and the aviation industry grows, legal services for aviation in Vietnam become increasingly essential.

    At HMLF, we offer aviation legal services to help our clients navigate the complex aviation regulatory framework. Our services related to aircraft leasing, financing, and acquisition include assisting with compliance related to safety standards, environmental regulations, and air traffic control rules.

  • Contract

    HMLF provides comprehensive contract guidance, including drafting, review, negotiation, and enforcement.

    Our experienced attorneys work closely with clients to ensure clear and legally sound terms, and to advise on issues such as parties’ rights and obligations, confidentiality, warranties, and indemnification.

    We also offer efficient dispute resolution services, including mediation, arbitration, and litigation, to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

  • Labour

    HMLF is a Vietnamese law firm that specializes in providing legal advice and representation in the field of labor law. Our team of experienced lawyers offers assistance to both employers and employees on a wide range of issues, including employment contracts, benefits, dispute resolution, and compensation.

    Our goal is to provide customized legal solutions that meet the unique needs of each client while ensuring compliance with the law. Whether you are an employer or an employee, HMLF has the legal expertise to help you navigate the complex world of labor law in Vietnam.

  • Litigation/Dispute Resolution

    HMLF offers a range of litigation legal services, including commercial, civil, and labor litigation.

    Our experience includes representing clients in disputes related to contracts, intellectual property, labor, construction, real estate, and other issues that require legal assistance to protect clients’ interests.

    We leverage our legal expertise to provide strategic advice, craft legal arguments, and effectively represent clients in court, mediation sessions, and arbitration hearings.

  • Financing and Restructuring

    HMLF provides a range of services related to corporate and commercial law, including legal due diligence. This entails a comprehensive analysis of a company’s legal position to identify potential risks and liabilities.

    Overall, HMLF is dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complex and ever-changing legal landscape. With a focus on compliance and protecting clients’ legal rights and interests, HMLF is a trusted partner for businesses looking to succeed in today’s challenging business environment.

  • Visa/Work Permit/TRC

    Licensing services are essential for businesses to operate legally in Vietnam and require close collaboration with relevant government agencies.

    Our licensing services at HMLF provide expert advice on obtaining necessary licenses, work permits, and temporary residence cards. We also assist clients in navigating the complicated procedures related to these documents. Our team of experts helps ensure that clients are fully compliant with laws and regulations when investing and working in Vietnam.

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